5 Ways How Technology Has Revamped The Travel Industry

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Around the World in 80 days, a classic novel written by Jules Verne portrays the story of Phileas Fogg who circumnavigated the world in less than 80 days in nothing but a hot air balloon. The author’s ideas were ridiculed in the olden days. But in modern times, we cannot agree more to his imaginative faculties. Planning a trip across the world is now as easy as it could be. Here are 5 ways how the travel industry has revolutionized the way people used to travel.
Online booking: Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to book tickets to any destination in the world from the comfort of your couch. Just a few clicks on your mouse and you can get yourself flight tickets, accommodation and much more delivered right away. If you want to have a peek view of the place where you will be living, watch the preview videos shot using drone filming.
Pre-planned tour packages: Wondering if your travel itinerary covers all must visit attractions in the destination? Why fret when you can pick pre-planned tour packages that can be tailor-made to your personal tastes and preferences. Watch your destinations for live through videos shot using drone filming to have a clear idea of what you are going to get at the end of the trip.
Navigation: Do you know that half of the world relies on Google maps or some sort of technology enabled navigation system for their safe travel. From satellite enabled car mapping devices to hand held satellite navigation, the options are plenty to stay on route and to avoid getting lost.
Self-guided tours: For someone who hates being part of a crowded instructor led tour, self-guided tours are the best way to take in notable information of a destination. Know the history of monuments, architectural significance of structures and much more with the help of self-guided tours. Self-guided tours come with audio notes and even texts that provide you with every piece of information that will make your trip pleasurable, check this out for more of aerial filming service.
Suggestions from around the world: Wondering what is so unique in a particular place where you never been before? Wish you had someone to tell you everything about the things that to do, places to visit, dishes to try and much more about a place. Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of online communities where you can gather information about anything and everything about a tourist destination. In fact, even national governments have pitched in with a variety of travel and tourism related programs that make travelling an easy affair. Modern technology has definitely made travelling easier than ever. Find your favorite spot, find everything unique about it and head straight there to build memories of a lifetime.

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