How To Take Care Of Your Pooch While You Are Away?

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You have always wanted to have a puppy. But you are having doubts about whether you can take care of your puppy well. Your friend who has a puppy at home is always encouraging you to have one. So one day you go to a pet shop and get yourself a puppy. You bring your puppy home and are very excited about taking care of your puppy. Your friend gives you the basic tips of how you should feed him and how you should make sure your little puppy has plenty of water to drink and of course about the vitamins he should be given on a daily basis. So you pay a visit to the pharmacy and buy the necessary vitamins for your puppy and of course the special puppy food. You also get your puppy a lovely red collar and a chain, see this pet friendly accommodation in Coffs Harbour.

New arrival

You are now just getting used to having a new arrival in your house when disaster strikes. You go to work as usual and your boss tells you that he wants you to go on an outstation assignment for a week. You can’t say no to your boss but you now have to find somebody to take care of your pet while you are gone. You call up your friend and she tells you not to worry as there are many dog friendly accommodation places that will take care of your pet for you while you are gone.

Reputed company

It is only now that you heave a sigh of relief. So you get online immediately and start searching for a good and reliable place that can take care of your pet. You cannot believe the number of pet care companies that have advertised their services online. You check on the reputed companies that offer dog friendly accommodation and find one that is close to your place. You call up the company and their friendly staff tell you that they will send one of their officials to your place to see your pet and brief you on what they have to offer. You are more than happy at the thought that you don’t even have to waste time in paying them a visit.

Special facilities

The official arrives at your place and tells you that they provide special facilities for any type of pet irrespective of the breeds and sizes and that they provide these facilities for as long as you like. They also tell you that they will bathe, groom and take your dog for a daily walk and that you don’t have to worry about anything.


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