Top Ten Places For Fishing In Australia

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The sea, luckily enough surrounds Australia. Which means, when it comes to fishing charters, enthusiasts have the luxury to cross the countryside to find what they like. But to make things easier for them, we’ve decided to list the top five places for fisherman to book their trips.

1. Adelaide. Together with the salmon, blue crabs, snook, squid, and the big boys, King George Whiting and the South Australian big snapper, Adelaide is loaded when it comes to different fishes. Such is their experience when it comes to fishing that almost every vessel is equipped for the family to come along. More so, experience skippers man every boat, and are loaded with GPRS systems, stable fishing platforms, fish finders and toilets. Not to mention that all boats are assigned with the SA Fisheries Charter Boat Act, which ensures safety for everyone on board? 

2. Brisbane. Everything from reef, game, night and deep-sea fishing trips in Brisbane are available to anyone. With so many options, many fishermen can’t wait to try them all out – which is something they should do. Most charters offer the quickest ways to the hottest spots, so look them up when you turn up. Regardless, make sure a visit to Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River is a lock in.

3. Cairns. Where else would you go to visit Australia’s most famous landmark, the Great Barrier Reef? It’s not just the spectacle of visiting the reef, but the host of charters that are available to fishermen. Essentially, Cairns offers the best when it comes to deep-sea fishing – and the list of fish there are plentiful with choices of Coral Trout, Snapper and Red Emperor as a teaser.

4. Broome. A relaxing place to enjoy the type of fishing you wants. Whether it’s as a sport, a past time or just for the simple feat of trying it, Broome has it all. It’s a cool, calm location for fishermen and one that enthusiasts should try out. And while it might seem like an unknown location, that’s the best part of it. You’ll have the time of your life to enjoy the spectacle and surroundings of the sea. Not to mention, the area has some of the best when it comes to tackle, and technology (such carbon fiber rods and other top of the line equipment).

5. Melbourne. You don’t have to go very far to find the perfect spot for Swan Hill fishing. Port Phillip Bay is just 5 minutes from the CBD and can offer you everything when it comes to fishing. The options are numerous, with half-day to a full 5 hour fishing trips on the cards. At the same time, you get to enjoy some of the marine wildlife, including seals and dolphins.

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