Luxury Facilities At Catteries

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Are you thinking that a cattery is simply a place where your pet will be provided a kennel like space and given food and allowed to relieve themselves? Today catteries have evolved much. Many pet lovers are offering exclusive facilities which help them to pamper the pets of their clients in exchange for a luxury fee and affordable short-term accommodation. As pets are often more precious than children to their owners, most people are willing to splurge on luxurious living quarters for their pets while they are away.

Large grounds

Most motels Sunshine Coast for cats are usually located with ample space for the pets to roam free. They are kept within secure grounds and surveillance is provided around the perimeters of the property. The owners take responsibility to ensure that the pets have enough of adventure and activity without wandering off or getting lost. Staff is kept to monitor the premises and to ensure that the cats are back inside the building by sun down.

Premium food

When the living quarters are luxurious corners cushioned and secured for the pets, it should come as no wonder that the food provided is of the best variety and brand. Usually pet owners provide their inputs regarding the food habits of their pets. There is the option of home cooked as well as canned pet food which is served to the pets along with adequate water.

Monitoring of health

The pet owners are expected to deliver their pets vaccinated, neutered and checked up by the vet. Most facilities also want their clients to treat their pets for fleas before bringing them in. In case there is need for looking after the pet’s health during their stay there have been usually veterinary experts on the staff to look after the pets. Steps are taken as deemed necessary to take care of the pets and medication is provided as per the need of the pets.

Communicating with the pet owners

When one puts their pet in a premium cattery service, they can rest assured that they will be informed about their pet’s well being from time to time. Clients are welcome to call at any time to find out about their pet. In case of any emergency, the staff informs the clients promptly. There is insurance provided against any damage to health or well being of the pet. There is an initial payment charged from the client while the final invoice is presented at the time when customers come to pick up their pet. Today one can look up cattery services in and around their area. The facilities are usually visualized online and help clients to make up their mind regarding the place they want to board their pet.

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